What is HackKU?

HackKU is an annual 36-hour hackathon hosted by the University of Kansas, where students can have the opportunity to innovate new ideas, discover different paths, and push the boundaries of technology. Work with teams of up to four people to create unique solutions to real-world problems. Projects can range from web applications and video games to drones and fitness devices.

Covid-19 Precautions

We want to provide an enriching, meaningful experience, and in order to do that, we will do our best to ensure the safety of our hackers. HackKU will be hosted online in accordance to recommendations from the KU School of Engineering.

Questions and Answers

Who can attend?

If you're a student, we'd love to have you at HackKU! Whether that's high school, undergrad, or graduate, we believe you can get something out of the event.

How big are the teams?

Teams can consist of anywhere from 1-4 people.

How much does HackKU cost?

Nothing! We'll also have swag and prizes.


April 9-11, 2021



Other questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at .

Meet The Team

Image of Eric

Eric Higgins


Image of Ryan

Ryan Pope


Image of Ethan

Ethan Behrends

Vice Chair

Image of Elena

Elena Zavala


Image of Lucas

Lucas Brakenridge


Image of Minwoo

Minwoo Lee


Image of Firangiz

Firangiz Ganbarli

Rules, Events, Logistics

Image of Jerusha

Jerusha Rowden

Rules, Events, Logistics

Image of Truan

Truan Leiker


Our Gracious Sponsors

HackKU depends on the support of our sponsors in order to operate. Each of our sponsors provide resources that are used to help HackKU grow. We'd like to recognize our sponsors in order to thank them for their generosity.

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